The Creative Kid

Creative kids can be a handful!  Their passion, outside the box thinking and energy can provide lots of opportunities and sometimes some challenges.  These opportunities can come with classes, auditions, submissions, applications and navigating a "show biz" world that can be daunting to parents without experience.  Their challenges can sometimes get in the way of day to day expectations at school, behavior and goal-setting.

My menu of services provides a limited view of the coaching, consulting, education and packages I can provide to get your creative kid on the path to success!


Please feel free to email me to discuss any needs you may have to see how I can best facilitate a program for your unique young creator!

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1 Hour Acting Technigue Coaching - $60

1 Hour Audition 101 Session - $60

1 Hour College Consultation Q&A - $75

1 Hour Monologue/Song Prep - $75

Show Biz 101 for Parents Consultation - $60





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Caitlin is choreographing the Youth Theatre production of 13 at Beck Center for the Arts in Cleveland, OH!